Augmented Reality for Smart Retail

Facify.me is an Augmented Reality technology, based on virtual face tracking & 3D reconstruction, shaping a new disruptive, enhanced virtual user experience.

– Just works: quick, compact, real-time

– No need to digitize each person and no fails in conversion

– Ready to be integrated and deployed within existing smart retail systems

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Why Facify.me

– Live technology: no need to scan, to pre-record your face, calibrate, take a picture or upload photos

– Face tracking quality & speed: just fast, precise, 3d, real-time face reconstruction on mobile

– Integration: not just a technology/solution vendor rather a service provider

Whom we serve


We serve eyewear producers, distributors and retailers to enhance digital in-store and on-line customer experience for virtual try-on, resulting in a dramatic traffic and conversion’s increase. We applya holistic approach ensuring the seamless and smooth integration of the virtual mirror with the front-end and back-office management systems of our clients (e-commerce, marketing, inventory management, supply chain management, etc.) ensuring full support, maintenance and training.

Social media, Video Messengers

We deploy fully-fledged mobile digital solutions for corporates and pure social players spanning social platforms, chats, blogs, social networks, etc. as leads’ generation tools to increase traffic and brand equity. Facify.me allows for real-time changing of the way you look (animated 3D objects on your face) making it possible as well to merge users’ face with the one of other people like movie stars.

Sport merchandising

We work with top sport brands to increase their off-line and in-store merchandising with a focus on Accessories, Masks & Eyewear, Hats & Headwear.

Who we are – The Founders

Sergey Tulyakov
Sergey Tulyakov is an experienced software engineer and a research scientist at University of Trento (Italy). His research interests focus on machine learning, computer vision and data analysis. In the past he has been involved in projects with Carnegie Mellon, Microsoft and NVIDIA.
LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sergeytulyakov
Andrey Bogomolov
Andrey Bogomolov is machine learning and AI researcher at University of Trento (Italy) and MIT Media Lab. He is an active participant and multiple winner of machine learning and artificial intelligence scientific competitions. He has also started and led a number of private equity backed startups.
LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andreybogomolov

Contact Us

For general inquiries: info@facify.me

For bug reports and support requests: support@facify.me

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